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Learn our tips to book your trips !

Take advantage of exclusive coaching sessions with a professional Travel Designer, to book your self your dream trips

WE GET ITEven for those who love to plan their own trips, sifting through the massive amount of information out there can be overwhelming. Our team of experts is here to help! If you’re in need of some solid, tailored and simple travel recommendations, so you can then take off with your own travel plans, let us put our experience and expertise in travel to work for you. Our Travel Coaching Sessions are perfect for you if you enjoy planning and have time to work out the details of your travels, but have questions and would like some advice about a few specific aspects of your trip. 

100% attention to your needs: Our private sessions are very personalised according to the type of travel that you want. This is tailor-fit to everything you need. 



Travel coaching is a relatively new concept, but what is it about? The idea is that you travel independently and you plan your own journey, but you can get some help from an experienced and professional globetrotter. 

You can find all kinds of information and travel stories online, but sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Your travel coach will take the time to virtually sit down with you and look for the ideal journey, providing advice from professional sources, personal experiences and always in respect of your own lifestyle. With your travel profile as a base, we will look at potential types of travel, destinations and concrete itineraries.


We help people who are overwhelmed and confused about where to start planning their trip. We work with them to figure out their interests and vision for the trip and make it happen for them, so that they can just get excited about it!! You are..

  • Overwhelmed of where to start

  • Dreading all the research you'll have to do

  • Confused about what you even want out of the trip

We're here to help.


  • Book the session you're interested in. If you can't find the session you want in the above menu, drop us a note, and we'll customise one for you

  • Few days before the session, we'll send you a questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your travel style, and help make the session as effective as possible

  • We'll then send you an invite for a virtual room where the coaching will happen. We usually use Zoom, but we can also host it by phone, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp (you decide).

  • During the session, the travel designer will focus with you on practical steps you need to take to organise your trip, from defining the destination, to the booking details or the departure preparation steps. You will be invited to take notes, but a wrap up email summarising the steps decided in session will be sent to you.

  • Armed with these new tools, you'll just have to book your trip !


Our travel designers have more than 15 years intense personal travel experience, as well as in depth professional travel training on destinations and cultures. They are certified travel agents, and as such are seasoned in dealing with customer requests, customer servicing, but also data confidentiality or insurance. But our clients  only got two months—or two weeks—to take the trip of a lifetime? This is where our Travel Coaching sessions come in.


When you book a travel coaching session with us, we use all our experience and skills and passion to help you plan a trip you’ll never forget. When you book a travel coaching session, we don’t plan or book itineraries for you, but rather empower, educate, and guide you to take control over your travel lifestyle.


Our coaches understand the power that travel can have on the mind, body, and overall well-being and we work with our clients on their individual obstacles, mindset, lifestyle, travel goals, and more. By gaining this deeper understanding we can hyper-personalize recommendations, advice, guidance, and resources to that best suit you.

*If, on top of the advice, you would like some extra-help with practical preparations, such as booking transportation or accommodation or activities, we can of course assist you with that.​ We have developed 2 additional services to go beyond self-planning if needed : Latitudes Intuition & Latitudes Bliss .

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