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Beach Vibes - Luxurious seclusion in Baja California

As autumn is deepening, I wanted to share a big slice of sun and luxury, from a place I discovered in the south of Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Forget about hectic schedules and stress, this place is just about being gloriously lazy. My ultimate luxury !

Very often, when we think about Baja, in Mexico, we think about Cabo, the dense forest of hotels, bars and beach clubs, bachelor and spring breaks parties. But the Baja California peninsula is much more than that, and as soon as you exit the airport, it is a paradise for travellers in search of seclusion and authenticity.

I particularly fell in love with the beachside of the Sea of Cortez, and of the area around Los Bariles. Beaches are pristine, desert. Sea is turquoise blue and warm. The backdrop consists of hills covered in tall cactus. 1 tarred road, that's it, then sandy tracks. I had a fabulous experience in a private villa right by the sea, and decided to go again this year !

The villa is very luxurious, with a plunge pool right by the villa and a larger pool by the beach.

Stand Up paddle, surf boards and snorkelling gears are made available to the guests. The sea is turquoise, transparent and warm, it is very easy to decide weather to swim in the pool or in the sea !

Indoor, there's all the luxury you can wish for, a super comfy and large sofa, a large dining wooden dining table, and a fully over-equipped kitchen, an ice maker and a huge BBQ. All you can wish for to cook tasty Mexican meals or prepare tequila-coconut cocktails ! A chef is also available on request to cook all meals you want.

A yoga session or a massage can also be organised, to good deeper in the relaxation ! Despite the seclusion, there's a good wi-fi, so you can chose to still stay connected to the outside world. A nice collection of books is prepared as well for the guests. They even have cooking books on display, so you can try out some recipes during your stay.

2 min. away is a lovely local restaurant, that prepare both for takeaway or staying here the classic if the Mexican meals, with a Baja twist, ie with fresh fish ! The local bar also prepares fresh orange juice margaritas, in a really friendly atmosphere. I loved to go there in the evening for a board-game session.

It's really a no stress and no fuss stay. Remove your shoes, you won't need them during your stay !

This villa would be perfect for a honeymoon, for a family stay, for a friends getaway, or for a sunny work-from-home abode.

I love these kinds of stays, where you biggest stress is in the choice of tacos you're going to get. This is precious for me to be able to refuel, without any planning, breathing fresh air and restocking Vitamin D ! If you are also after tranquil, calm and secluded stays, I'll be happy to help our designing team create a very personalised and relaxing stay for you. Write your dream in an email at:


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