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The Latitudes Studio was founded by 2 passionate savvy travellers who started their career in the corporate world, in London, in Asia and Paris. As we grew up in our environment, we felt more and more the need to unwind, rest, take our mind off our hectic lifes. Organising our personal trips became our hobby, and we spent hours and hours researching before we leave, but also exploring areas to always find the perfect off trip that would suit us. Not necessary with price consideration in mind, but rather authenticity, cultural discoveries, high quality hospitality services, tailored activities. And above it all, stay away from pre-built packages, group tours and international neutral styles ! 


As we built our memories, we also gain a reputation to be good at organising our trips, and our friends and colleagues turned to us for advise first, and then for help in organisation ! They wanted to travel like us ! They supported us, and eventually, we decided to create a business adventure out of this ! We eventually became travel consultants, and succeeded in receiving a professional travel certification, from IATA and ABTA, partnering with the Ensemble consortium.

Here more info on where we've travelled, and how we travel !

Let us tell us about how we like our travels, that will give you an idea of how we design ! You can also browse our creations. So, we like to :

  • Dive - Mediterranean, Red Sea, Thailand, Maldives, Caribbean, many places in the South Pacific waters, Belize,... we suit up quickly !

  • Food ! From exploring local markets to get to experience how local actually eat, to Michelin star restaurants, we always go for local pleasures.

  • Hikes - ok, walks really. We never leave without a good pair of walking shoes.

  • Getting lost in cities - we don't really enjoy the beaten paths, and we like to improvise

  • Going to museums - not all... but we like to learn stuff

  • Visiting historic monuments and landmarks - same as above...

  • Attend sport events, like a NBA game or a Polo match !


But also :

  • Slow living, oh yes, we know how hectic and stressful the corporate life can be,  we take it easy ! No rush, you experience more !

  • Napping... who doesn't ?

  • A good book - preferably a thriller or a local historical story, depending on the mood.

  • Sipping cocktails - we generally agree on a dry martini, but a Negroni can also find its way pre-dinner.


And we also :

  • Go out for a morning run, 

  • Have a Pilates session,

  • Ski (and après-ski)

  • Go to the ballet or admire an opera (and dress up in the process !).

And we never shy away from a nice selective shopping trip. Our home, including our kitchen is full of tasteful pieces brought back, that everyday remind us of the good times away. Our favourite hunt : a nice coffee table book, or best: a local recipes grimoire !

A word from one of our founders, Cecilia :

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