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Luxury coach, bespoke travel agent & concierge

We understand that the demands of modern life mean you don’t always have the time to plan your next dream getaway. That’s where the Latitudes Studio comes in.

Sourcing from our expertise of destinations,  our extensive access to  luxury & boutique hotels, resorts and villas, guides and activities organisers, our team of expert consultants deliver lifestyle-inspired travel coaching and tailor-made travel, sporting and entertainment solutions to suit your preferences. No project or budget is too big or too small.

Understanding exactly what you want out of your holiday is our priority so that we can tailor every aspect of your experience around what you enjoy, from the moment you head to your destination to the day you return home.

Because we are passionate about travels, and want to make the travel experience available to our clients from the most autonomous ones to the most demanding ones, we provide end-to-end travel services. From helping you choose your destination to planning and booking your trip, up to full support and ultra-tailored experiences.

We help you determine what destination will be the best fit for your next trip, based on your interests, hobbies, season of travel or budget,  comparing the following factors :

  • Costs (Flight, Hotel, Food)

  • Convenience

  • Weather

  • Activities

Planning services include, but are not limited to :

  • Itinerary Creation

  • Logistics & Activities Recommendations

  • Travel schedule & optimisation

  • Preparation & Packing Advices

  • Local relevant elements

As we are a Certified Travel Agent, under IATA and ABTA, we can safely book for you :

  • Flights

  • Accommodations

  • Car Rental

  • Multi-City Tours 

  • Cruises

  • Day Trips

  • Activities

  • Travel Insurances

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