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Why You Need a Travel Designer to Create Your Next Vacation

Planning a trip seems easy: browse the web and you can find inspiration, read reviews, and book your trip. But when you get into it, it's not so straight-forward, if you want a really intuitive experience. That's where a Travel Designer will ease your life—from researching your dream destination, planning the itinerary to your expectations to ensuring everything goes smoothly. Today’s Travel Designers are more consultants than travel agents, with many specializing in a particular destination or type of trip. In the Latitudes Studio, we're here to dedicate an expert for your luxury travel goals. Our Travel Designers are travel professionals, trained and certified—and in the coronavirus era, we need their expertise more than ever. Here are five reasons you should hire one for your next adventure.

1. Our Travel Designers do all the heavy-lifting, you just have to enjoy your holidays.

Planning travel logistics can be really hard Dreaming up things to do and see is the fun part. But, researching, putting it all together and mapping out how far one place is from another, what’s open when, how long to spend in each spot, and whether you’ll need tickets in advance? Not so much.

We’ll save you up to 30 hours, or even more

The average person spends 10-30+ hours travel planning. Instead of helplessly wanter lost in the jungle of websites, blogs, reviews, holiday packages, or waiting on hold to snag a restaurant reservation, leave it to us.

We cut through the noise of review sites. It’s our job to obsess over the latest and greatest spots around the world every day, cutting through the fog of travel forums and review sites. Why listen to an anonymous person on the internet when you can trust a team of certified travel professionals, who've extensively travelled, that’s planned hundreds of high-end custom itineraries? Plus, we tap into an extensive network of on-the-ground experts for the inside scoop on the off-the-beaten-path spots..

2. Vacations are like your pension planning. A pro will help you invest wisely. Some tasks you can do on your own, while others—the important, expensive ones—benefit from professional help. Look at a Travel Designer as a service professional. Of course, you can plan your own trips, but you can also hire someone who has the training and connections and passion to make sure you have a great experience. Even if you’re not planning a big-ticket vacation, a Travel Designer can help match your goals to the destination, do the legwork of making bookings and arranging activities, and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of the trip. We can get you experiences and service at a level that you wouldn't be able to achieve on your own.

3. Travel Designers can arrange better, more meaningful experiences — and give you peace of mind. Working with our on-the-ground partners, our Travel Designers will steer you away from the crowds in favor of unique, off-the-beaten-path activities. Often when traveling, the most authentic experiences are the ones that matter most. Sometimes, travellers tend to be a little bit isolated from the reality of the countries they visit, and we always try to blend authentic experiences within our luxury itineraries. The balance of the two sides shows you a better story of the destination.

4. You have a personal travel style. Your Trip Designer will help define it and will respect it. It’s just as important to understand the customer as it is to understand a destination. If you understand what they do and don’t like and the type of trip they want to have, it's far easier to meet or exceed those expectations. Sometimes that also means guiding clients away from the wrong choice: if it's the wrong time of year to go there for example. We start by asking a series of questions meant to reveal more about our clients' lifestyle. We also try to understand their taste as well as the intention behind the client’s trip.

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